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Our group classes focus on obedience and socialization in a group setting. Once a week, our trainers work with a group of eager dogs and Dog-E-Parents, teaching them the tools and commands needed to pass our training programs. At completion, you will have a better understanding of dog behavior, how to guide your dog to make right choices and how to correct bad behavior.


You will significantly improve your relationship with your dog and your dog’s respect for you will be evident. All dogs must first pass an evaluation before they can be enrolled in group classes.


We do not recommend group classes for dogs with aggression towards other animals or people. If your dog has a specific behavioral problem, you should schedule a private evaluation to determine if group classes is right for your dog.


Group classes are offered weekly on Saturday and Sunday at the Dog-E- Den

facility. For a schedule of upcoming group classes click here. We offer group classes for the following training programs:

Basic Obedience

Advanced Obedience

Off-leash Training

Socialization Training

To Schedule an EvaluationPlease Contact the Store at:



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